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BaxMax- Rigid Back Support Brace

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The BaxMAX almost instantly relieves low back pain for people with a bulged or herniated disc, sciatica, compressed disc, lordosis, and many other acute (or chronic) lumbar issues because it gets tight enough to "unload" upper body weight from the lumbar spine. It is used in clinics worldwide to supplement decompression therapy programs and is by far the quickest and easiest way to offer instant relief for most back pain sufferers.
The best rigid lightweight back brace for your back pain!

Ideal Support For Anyone, Any Activity, Any Day.

The BaxMAX is NOT a normal back brace.

Back braces have been around for 60+ years and most people have put one on at one time or another. A typical back brace uses elastic to tighten around the waist and hips to create compression and stabilize the core, which in many cases can provide short term relief for lower back pain.

Offers immediate temporary relief for most chronic or acute lumbar or lumbo-sacral back pain, including:

Conditions Treated:

    • Bulged Disc

    • Herniated Disc

    • Compressed Disc

    • Degenerative Disc

    • Spondylosis

  • Sciatica