Pain Relief And Support Products

  • PCore Back Pain Support

    PCore Magnetic Heat Lower Back Support Pain Relief • Core Activation Training • Waistline Reduction • Improved Posture. The PCore is extremely lightweight, comfortable, and effective to use.

  • Power Palm EMS Gloves

    Aching, sore, tight, knotted, painful, junked up, kinked up, atrophied muscles are all prime targets for the power palm.   Any muscle of your body that you would like a massage performed on is prime target points for the power palm to be used.

  • Everyday Mask

    Breathable Design
    Mask - Durable & breathable & reusable & washable.
    Suitable for workout, gym and daily use.
    Handles are removable and interchangeable
    Does not itch
    For Men and Women

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